poltu quatu classic 2015 poltu quatu classic 2015

Poltu Quatu, 12/07/2015 

The winner of the Emerald Coast’s second edition of the Poltu Quatu Classic Contest of Elegance that took place from Thursday 9 July to Sunday 12 July in Sardinia was the Bugatti type 49. Silvia Nicolis was presented with a prestigious wrist watch by Trussardi and the trophy “ Best in Show”confered by Abarth, main sponsor of this year’s event.

The Bugatti from Museo Nicolis’s was chosen among the most important Vintage Car Collectors around the world, overtaking 30 teams and their magnificent cars.

Dom Perignon awarded the “Best of Class Category until 1950” to Bugatti type 37 owned by Daniele Turrisi, Best of Class until 1970 to Lancia Aurelia B24 owned by Edoardo Schon and Best of Class post 1970 to Lancia Stratos owned by Michele Lucente.

This event was organized by the Poltu Quatu Resort and Auto Classic [a leading Italian enterprise in the field of sales and vintage cars restoration and Bcool International.

This year’s competition was fielded by a strong presence of international teams from Italy, Argentina, Germany, Peru as well as the Principality of Monaco.

Dominik Fischlin, member of the Selection Committee for the Contest of Elegance of Villa d'Este and spoke person for FIVA [the International Federation for Vintage Vehicles] led jury composed by Max Girardo, President of  RM Europe, Luciano Bertolero, founder of Auto Classic; revered expert in Ferrari history Filippo Perini, Director of the Centro Stile Lamborghini; Francesco Pulcini, President of Poltu Quatu Resort; Cristina Roma Pulcini, Vice President of the Poltu Quatu Resort and sponsor of this event.

Corrado Lopresto, the most famous Italian car collector of all-time, who was responsible for curating the field of automobiles that participated in this year’s second edition of Poltu Quatu Classic. 

Peruvian Designer Claudia Bertolero and her models, who played a leading role in the fabulous Fashion Show that thrilled Poltu Quatu’s participants and public in general on Saturday evening  11 July , presented awards to Scat 1920 owned by Gianni Morandi (Best curated) and Fiat 525 SS owned by the Bricchetti’ family(Best-Restoration). 

An special award to the vintage automobile that best represents the past was presented by President of the Italian Registry for Vintage Vehicles, Rossano Nicoletto, who bestowed the award to the owner of Ferrari 512 BB previously owned by Gianni Agnelli.

Simone Bertolero opened the event for the second time onboard the legendary Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina; a car that was favoured by the protagonists of the International Jet Set, recreating an scene from the Dolce Vita.